Swallow vs Sparrow

Swallow vs Sparrow–What Sets Them Apart


Swallow vs Sparrow


Swallow vs Sparrow

Swallow vs Sparrow

swallow and sparrow
Swallow vs Sparrow
Size5 to 8 inches4 to 7 inches
Weight0.5 to 1.5 ounces0.4 to 1 ounce
Body ShapeSleek and slenderStout and compact
WingspanLong, pointed wingsShort, rounded wings
Plumage ColorsMetallic blue or green upperpartsVarious shades of brown, gray, and white
Underparts ColorWhite or buff-coloredTypically lighter than upperparts
Bill ShapeShort, sharp beakConical bill
HabitatDiverse habitats including open fields, coastsUrban areas, farmlands, woodlands
Feeding BehaviorAerial hunters, catching insects on the wingGround feeders, foraging for seeds and insects
Geographical AreaWorldwide distributionWidespread across continents, particularly in cities
Swallow vs Sparrow


Swallow vs Sparrow

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